Real-World Science, At Home: Become an Honourary Scientist

July 24, 2017

SRC is encouraging people (kids and adults!) to turn their kitchens and backyards into science labs this summer and unleash their inner scientist!

We’ve created three easy, at-home science experiments that use simple and safe ingredients. Make a sparkly geode out of an egg shell, build a mini catapult and see your DNA to try a fun, hands-on learning experience in the science, technology, engineering and math disciplines. Each experiment comes with a short step-by-step video and a detailed instruction sheet with an ingredients list.

Try the experiments and tag your results #sciencewithsrc

Parents and kids can find everything they need at, including an Honourary Scientist certificate to hang proudly on their fridge.

Learn more about the creation of our science experiments on our blog in Hot Summer, Cool Science.  
real-world science, at home with molecule graphic