Petroleum Analytical Laboratories

SRC Petroleum Analytical Laboratories, located in Regina, Sask., is accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation, Inc. (CALA) for numerous tests listed in the scope of accreditation approved by CALA. Accreditation ensures that procedures, facilities, and methods conform to ISO/IEC 17025, the internationally recognized standard. We also maintain a comprehensive quality control and quality assurance program.

Biofuels Test Centre

We test biofuel samples to ensure products meet recognized standards. Offering a full suite of tests for ethanol and biodiesel producers throughout North America, our state-of-the-art facility can help your company achieve success in the biofuels market.

SRC offers full-suite testing or customized packages to meet all CAN/CGSB-3524 and ASTM D-6751 specifications. We can assist in validating in-house labs to help biodiesel facilities meet BQ-9000 standards.

Petroleum Analysis Laboratory

Providing analytical support to petroleum producers, as well as to manufacturing, resources and agriculture sectors, our technologists help develop and improve processes for the manufacturing of value-added products. We also provide support to mitigate environmental concerns on waste streams.

Oilfield Produced Fluids

SRC’s Petroleum Analysis Laboratory offers a variety of analyses of petroleum crude oil and oilfield produced water. These include:

• Crude oil quality monitoring
• Crude oil assay
• Simulated distillation
• Oilfield water and hydrocarbon

Natural Gas, Natural Gas Liquids and Process Fluids

We provide a variety of analyses to natural gas producers and pipeline operators. Sampled fluids include: 

• Natural gas
• Dehydrator fluids
• Stationary equipment anti-freeze fluids
• Pipeline fluids (contaminants)

Sampling bottles and containers are available on request. 

View the Petroleum Analytical Lab Chain of Custody and Request for Analysis.

We offer alcohol by volume (ABV) testing.

Transformer Oil Analysis Laboratory

The laboratory provides American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) transformer oil analysis testing and other accredited CALA analytical services to clients in the electric utility and transformer manufacturing and maintenance industries.

View the Transformer Oil Chain of Custody and Request for Analysis.

We specialize in routine maintenance testing of electrical insulating fluids for ASTM, dissolved fault gases and PCBs using the latest in modern instrumentation, methods and techniques. The laboratory can also provide statistical trending, fault interpretation and electronic data sharing services.

Note: SRC is unable to accept international transformer oil samples due to Canadian import restrictions on insulating fluids.

We offer a diverse range of services to meet your petroleum testing needs. Contact us today.


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