Wanda Nyirfa

Wanda Nyirfa
Job Title
Vice President, Communications, Growth Services and Risk

Wanda Nyirfa is SRC’s Vice-President of Communications, Growth Services and Risk. She is responsible for numerous functions including communications, business and competitive intelligence, government relations, legal and risk, and major projects. She is SRC’s Privacy Officer and also plays an active role in the company’s employee engagement, corporate social responsibility and economic impact measurement activities. In addition to corporate management and leadership, she has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communications; formerly working as a partner in a communications and event management company, as well as in economic and business development.

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demonstration biodigester
April 28, 2014
written by Wanda Nyirfa
“Do you happen to have a gently used biodigester?” Our biodigester project with the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology started with an unusual question. Isn't that where innovation usually starts?