Dr. Ryan Spelay

Ryan Spelay
Job Title
Senior Research Engineer

Dr. Ryan Spelay is a Senior Research Engineer at SRC and has been involved in slurry research for over 12 years. Ryan conducted his graduate studies research at SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre™, and after completing his Ph.D., he took on a research engineering role with SRC. Ryan specializes in modelling slurry pipeline flows, as well as planning, designing, managing and conducting slurry pipe flow experiments. He is one of the instructors of the SRC-Paterson & Cooke Slurry Pipeline Systems Course.

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Pipe Loop with Dramatic Blue Sky
September 05, 2013
written by Dr. Ryan Spelay
Every mining and mineral processing industry requires the transport of slurries somewhere in their process. However, slurry transport theory and design are topics not adequately covered by undergraduate engineering fluid mechanics courses.