SRC Celebrates Grand Opening of New Mining and Minerals Facility

June 22, 2022

This news release originally appeared on the Government of Saskatchewan website.

Today, the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) celebrated the grand opening of a new Facility which consolidates SRC's Mining and Minerals operations into one purpose-built facility to more effectively serve its clients. The new location, funded by the Government of Saskatchewan, provides additional opportunities to continue expanding SRC's services and capabilities.

"SRC has worked with the mining and minerals industries in Saskatchewan, across Canada and worldwide for 75 years," Minister Responsible for SRC Jeremy Harrison said. "By helping its clients, SRC strengthens the Saskatchewan economy with growth, quality jobs and a secure environment."

In June 2020, the Government of Saskatchewan and SRC announced $15 million in funding for the 18-month construction project that brought 50 immediate jobs to Saskatchewan's construction industry, as well as long-term impacts to Saskatchewan's mining and minerals industry through increased production and cost-savings. This project was part of the Government of Saskatchewan's $7.5 billion two-year capital plan to build a strong Saskatchewan and stimulate Saskatchewan's economic recovery.

"The consolidation into a fit-for-purpose building allows SRC to optimize and expand expertise and capabilities as we move into driving new technology and innovation to support the mining and minerals industry," SRC President and CEO Mike Crabtree said. "This will in turn allow mining companies to produce more ore with less waste, reduced energy costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions - developments which will be essential to ensuring the long-term sustainability of Saskatchewan's mineral resources."

The facility now houses roughly 90 employees working in SRC's Geoanalytical Laboratories, Mineral Processing and Development Engineering and Manufacturing groups.

SRC is Canada's second largest research and technology organization. With 350 employees, $137 million in annual revenue and 75 years of experience, SRC provides services and products to its 1,500 clients in 27 countries around the world.

For more information, contact:

Rebecca Gotto
Saskatchewan Research Council
Phone: 306-385-4199 

SRC Mining and Minerals Building on Cleveland Ave