Mission: Zero Awards

June 9, 2016

SRC was awarded the first-ever Mission:Zero Award in the large company category from Safe Saskatchewan earlier today.

These prestigious awards recognize three workplaces (small, medium, and large by number of employees) in Saskatchewan that have demonstrated an effort towards sustained improvement in their injury rate over time, and have worked towards transforming their organization culture and positioning injury prevention as a core value. Safe Saskatchewan is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to eliminate unintentional injuries in Saskatchewan.

Safety is our over-riding priority at SRC and nothing we do is more valuable than our employees’ health and safety. SRC’s LTI rate has been trending downward over the past decade and last year we had zero Lost-Time Incidents (LTI). Additionally, as of the end of April, we had worked for over a million person-hours as an organization without an LTI – the actual count was 1,152,809 LTI-free person-hours worked.

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