Royal Helium Announces Collaboration with SRC to Develop Helium Facility

May 27, 2020

SRC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Royal Helium to review the development of an integrated, poly-generation facility for the production and refinement of helium and associated inert gases from helium-bearing gas production in southern Saskatchewan. Read their news release.

Andrew Davidson, President and CEO of Royal comments, “The goal is to develop and process Saskatchewan helium and associated inert gases right here in the province, producing high value, end-use products. Royal, a Saskatchewan-rooted helium exploration and development company, and SRC, Canada’s second largest research and technology organization, share the vision of working together to advance a new industry for the Province. Saskatchewan is a province known to have a wealth of natural resources and Royal believes that the development and in-province refinement of helium and associated inert gases represents a new, high value business opportunity for its shareholders and the province of Saskatchewan.”

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