Agriculture & Biotechnology

Kim Baniulis

Kim Baniulis is the Quality Coordinator for SRC Biotechnology Laboratories. Her background is in microbiology, biochemistry and quality management. She helped administer SRC’s recent company-wide conversion to ISO: 9001.

Phillip Stephan

Phil Stephan is SRC’s Vice-President of Agriculture/Biotechnology. He previously served as a Business Unit Manager for SRC’s crop testing lab and managed global business development at SemBioSys Genetics Inc. In addition to corporate management and leadership, he holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in agricultural biotechnology and biomedical technology.

Meghan Gervais

Meghan Gervais is the manager of SRC Biotechnology Laboratories. She was previously a Senior Advisor at SRC in Major Projects. Her responsibilities included evaluation and commercialization of intellectual property, proposal writing and project management. Prior to joining SRC, she served as Plant Manager and Manager of Business Development at POS Bio-Sciences. Meghan is a registered Professional Engineer in Saskatchewan.