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Neutron Activation Analysis 

SLOWPOKE-2 is a miniature nuclear research reactor housed at SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories. It is used as an analytical tool for doing neutron activation analysis (NAA).

NAA involves analyzing uranium in certain sample matrices and organic halides analysis. Alternate techniques are available for these tests, but SLOWPOKE-2 has the advantages of being a non-destructive technique and requiring little sample preparation.

Options available for various parameters and sample matrices:


  • Groundwater and surface water
    • Inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS)
  • Mining liquids 
    • ICP-MS or SLOWPOKE-2
  • Soil, sediments, biological tissue, vegetation
    • ICP-MS
  • Mining exploration samples
    • ICP-MS
    • SLOWPOKE-2
    • Titrimetric (>5% U3O8)

Total Thorium


Total Organic Halides (TOX) and Extractable Organic Halides (EOX)

Contact us to discuss your analysis objectives and we’ll provide you with the necessary tools.