Virginia Wittrock

Virginia Wittrock
Job Title
Research Scientist/Climatologist

Virginia Wittrock is a Research Scientist/Climatologist at SRC. Virginia’s research interests are in climate change impacts, adaptations, hazards and vulnerability. Virginia is on the Board of Directors of the Saskatchewan branch of the Canadian Water Resources Association and is chair of the Saskatchewan Chapter of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. She has won several awards including, the City of Saskatoon’s Tourism Leadership Recipient (2011), the Saskatoon YWCA Science and Technology award (2004) and was appointed one of Canada’s “Leaders in Innovation” by the Partnership Group of Science and Engineering (2006). Virginia has over 100 publications in referred scientific journals, books, technical reports and conference proceedings.

Posts by this Author

Oil Rig in water in Souris watershed
April 07, 2016
In a recent case study, we examined historic and future climate extremes and variability in the Souris River Watershed that are impacting the energy sector. Find out how the energy sector has responded to extreme climate events and what future adaptation actions the they can implement to capitalize on potential opportunities and to reduce risks in a changing climate.
Bright sunshine gauge
November 26, 2014
Saskatchewan, despite its long winters (or what feels like winters that won’t end) is the sunniest province in Canada. The ability to measure and quantify that fact is important for industries in which weather plays a factor in planning and revenue. At our Climate Reference Stations, we use a sunshine duration sensor to help document Saskatchewan’s brightest attribute.
canola field
February 01, 2014
One of the Worst Natural Disasters in Canada The Agricultural Drought Adaptation project is the first work to comprehensively assess the severity, area and duration of past droughts across Canada. It...