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Project CLEANS

(Cleanup of Abandoned Northern Sites) 

SRC is managing Project CLEANS — a multi-year, multimillion-dollar project to assess and reclaim Gunnar Uranium Mine and Mill site, Lorado Uranium Mill site and 35 satellite mine sites in northern Saskatchewan. The project is funded by the governments of Saskatchewan and Canada and is led by SRC's Environmental Remediation team.   


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Digger cleaning up mine site.

Mine and Mill Sites

Project CLEANS involves remediating 37 abandoned uranium mine and mill sites in northern Saskatchewan, near Lake Athabasca. The Gunnar Mine and Lorado Mill sites are the more complex projects.

Remediation workers in safety vests.



SRC engages with northern communities to facilitate meaningful participation in determining the best options for remediation. Discussions include community meetings and consultations with Aboriginal communities and leadership.


Environment and Safety

Safety is an overriding priority for SRC. We are working in conjunction with regulatory agencies to ensure the safety of workers and the public during the cleanup. SRC is focused on removing safety hazards that pose risks to local residents, the public and the environment.



Browse through additional information about Project CLEANS, community meetings, progress reports, maps and other related materials.​

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