Wheat Purity Testing

SRC provides a testing service to distinguish identity preserved (IP) wheat varieties from other varieties within a sample by indicating a percentage measurement of IP seed (as well as some high-acreage variety seeds) versus other seed. This can be used by grain companies, as well as producers, to ensure consistency, quality and maximum return on investment when it comes time to move grain to market.

IP wheat varieties have historically been distinguished by production grade, feed grade, food purposes or organic versus non-organic. In recent years, seed companies have introduced IP grains to suit specific environmental, geological or downstream processing purposes from industrial to pharmaceutical use. 

Recent IP wheat varieties are born from the need to increase yield and economic returns for seed distribution/grain handling companies and the individual producer. These varieties are typically bred to favor specific characteristics such as yield, straw strength, threshability, disease resistance and end use quality.

Available varieties/classes of wheat purity testing:


  • Brigade
  • CDC Verona
  • AC Navigator
  • AC Avonlea
  • Eurostar
  • Kyle
  • Strongfield
  • Registered vs Deregistered varieties

Hard Red Spring

  • CDC Go
  • Lillian

Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) vs. Canada Western Red Winter (CWRW)

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