Quantitative Sample Analysis (XRD)

SRC uses a well-established system for process and quality control of minerals and ores. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) system at SRC’s Advanced Microanalysis Centre™ is a powerful tool used to characterize mineral indicating clays. It permits both qualitative and quantitative analysis of phases or compounds present in samples.

Key Features

  • Effective method for determining the bulk/clay mineralogy using random/oriented mounts
  • Automatic sample changer with three types of sample holders for powder and clay samples (back-packed, vacuum filtered and zero background)
  • Data analyses and interpretation using algorithms in MDI Product JADE v.9 software, including search/match and whole pattern fitting plug-ins
  • Reference data from the American Mineralogist Crystal Structure Database with empirically derived relative intensity ratios

Quantitative XRD

Analysis – This technique is used to determine the abundance of minerals in a sample. Minerals present in low abundance (<2%) may not be reliably identified or quantified. Amorphous material cannot be quantified. 

Sample – Requires a minimum sample of 25 g

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