Pyrolysis Product Utilization

SRC is commissioning a one tonne/day mobile pyrolysis unit based on Advanced Biorefinery (ABRI-Tech Inc.) technology. The mobile pyrolysis unit is operated at SRC, but can also be transported to feedstock locations for remote processing. The capability for remote processing allows pyrolysis assessments to be used as an energy densification technology. As a result, pyrolysis products can be created to transport to central locations for processing into fuels, fertilizers and chemicals at larger economies of scale.

The mobile pyrolysis unit is staffed by trained SRC experts and is available to assist clients with:

  • Processing various biomass feedstocks, including agricultural and wood residues
  • Assessing process performance impacts on product characteristics
  • Assessing the potential for remote pyrolysis for energy densification
  • Capturing bio-oils and bio-char for further assessment and characterization as scaleable products or as direct inputs to create other high-value fuel, fertilizer and chemical products
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