ProGrid Advisory Services

work with us on your complex decisionsprogrid process

Want to make better decisions? ProGrid Evaluation Solutions™ can help your organization optimize its decision-making matrix and unlock the power of the ProGrid™ methodology. 

But you don't need to go it alone! ProGrid™ representatives are available to assist you with all your decision-making needs. 

How it works

Your ProGrid™ Advisor will work with you to develop a customized decision-making matrix using our proprietary Language Ladder™ process. A core element of the ProGrid methodology is the Language Ladder process, which clarifies and optimizes your decision-making criteria. Your ProGrid Advisor helps you navigate the Language Ladder process and structures a decision-making matrix tailored to your specific needs.

When it’s decision time, your ProGrid™ Advisor can remain with you every step of the way. Your ProGrid Advisor can attend your decision meeting or offer other consulting services associated with your decision-making process.

All ProGrid™ Advisory Services are available to you based on a reasonable hourly or daily rate for specialized consulting services plus direct travel expenses.

Interested in learning more about how a ProGridTM Advisor can assist with your decision-making process? Contact us. 

ProGrid™ Analytical Services

With your decision-making matrix in place, ProGrid Evaluation Solutions™ representatives can facilitate access to the proprietary ProGrid™ software application best suited to your needs.

ProGrid™ Analytical Services are available on a pay-per-use basis for each option or opportunity being evaluated.