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Making the right decision at the right time with the right resources. As local and global business environments change faster than ever, today’s leaders face increasing pressure to make rapid, well-informed decisions.

A decision-making misstep in today’s business environment can quickly impact the success and viability of even the most stable, longstanding organization.

ProGrid™ decision-making tools and resources help leaders make the best decisions in less time. For almost 30 years, leading organizations across North America have relied on the ProGrid methodology to make better decisions.

What is ProGrid™

ProGrid™ is a powerful, software-enabled methodology that ranks and graphically compares options or opportunities based on an organization’s specific values, priorities and expectations.

The basis for the ProGrid methodology is an evaluation matrix of independent performance criteria, which define the factors that guide the decision-making process. For each of the performance criteria, Language Ladder™, or calibrated performance levels, are used to measure how well an option or opportunity meets the organization’s expectations.

Relative performance criteria ranking is graphically reported to focus decision-makers on the options or opportunities best aligned with the  organization’s values, priorities and expectations.

Whether you'd like to schedule a demo, have a question or discuss how the ProGrid™ methodology can be a valuable addition to your decision-making toolbox, we'd like to hear from you. Contact us.

ProGrid™ delivers added value through:

  • Transparency - clarify and communicate decision-making criteria to all stakeholders in the decision-making process
  • Alignment - align short-term decision making with long-term strategy
  • Consistency - minimize personal bias and reliance on “gut feeling” in the decision making process
  • Speed - make decisions quicker, with less time spent in meetings
  • Auditability - provide auditable documentation that enhances stakeholder confidence in the decision making process and its outcomes
  • Reporting - facilitate efficient group decision-making and simplified reporting to key stakeholders using a suite of standard and custom reports
  • Defensibility - make well-documented, defensible decisions in the face of legal and/or shareholder scrutiny

From proposal evaluations to technology assessments to performance tracking, ProGrid™ helps decision-makers make the right decision at the right time with the right resources.