Mineral Chemistry (Microprobe)

SRC’s expert team at the Advanced Microanalysis Centre™ uses an electron probe micro-analyzer (electron microprobe EPMA) to perform highly sensitive chemical analyses of micro-volumes of properly prepared samples. This provides the greatest possible sensitivity for quantitative analysis, from boron to uranium. 

Key Features

  • Imaging using secondary and back-scattered electron detectors and the panchromatic cathodoluminescence (CL) detector
  • X-ray mapping capabilities to visually identify the modal abundance of fine-grained minerals


  • Diamond indicator mineral chemistry
  • Minor and trace gold in sulfide minerals (cryptic gold)
  • Purity of metal alloy catalysts
  • Quantification of deleterious elements in high-purity materials
  • Rare earth element (REE) analysis of heavy mineral concentrates
  • Element diffusion profiles in metals and minerals
  • Forensic analysis of process contaminants (e.g. Pb in plumbing solder)
  • U-Th-Pb analysis for chemical dating of uranium minerals

The electron microprobe at the Advanced Microanalysis Centre™ is available on a fee-for-service basis.

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