Microbial Fermentation Services

With the rapid evolution of genomics, proteomics and metabolomics, the industrial application of microbial systems offers tremendous potential to heal, feed and fuel the world.

Partnering with the National Research Council (NRC), SRC Biotechnology Laboratories provides world-class facilities and expertise to accelerate the development, demonstration and commercialization of microbial technologies.

SRC offers contract biomanufacturing services that are uniquely well-positioned to support the commercial development of biotechnologies across Saskatchewan’s core resource sectors of mining, energy and agriculture.


The 4,300 ft2 Biosafety Level 2 fermentation facility is suited to process development, scale-up, optimization and manufacturing for microbial technologies.

  • Fully instrumented fermentation suite (15 to 300 litres)
  • Downstream processing and purification
  • Production and laboratory-scale lyophilization
  • In-process analytics
  • End-product analytics, DNA or molecular testing
  • Master cell banking services

From biomining and bioremediation technologies to crop inoculants, SRC Biotechnology Laboratories enables clients to convert their discoveries into innovation.