Flax Triffid Testing

Flax Testing for the Presence of CDC Triffid (event FP967)

The Flax Council of Canada (FCC) requests that all flax bound for commercial handling, including international shipments, is tested for the presence of CDC Triffid (event FP967).

SRC provides GMO testing for CDC Triffid in flax. The method used is based on “NOST-Spec Construct-specific Method for the Detection of CDC Triffid Flax (Event FP967) using Real-time PCR.” Four 60 g subsamples of each 2 kg representative sample are screened using DNA markers specific to the genetically modified construct.

SRC participates in quarterly proficiency testing conducted by the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) and is an approved laboratory for Triffid testing by the FCC.

Results are available within 3-5 business days.

Price per sample

Samples price: $204.75 (incl. tax)

Sample Submission Form and Information

Please read the testing information sheet, complete the form and send it in with your sample(s).

For the sale of seeds procedure, please contact the FCC.

Contact us for more information about pricing and sample submission for Flax GMO Detection Testing.