SRC’s Anton Sizo Named ECO Impact Awards Finalist

January 24, 2020

Anton Sizo, GIS Specialist at SRC, was named an ECO Impact Award finalist for his work leading the creation of a holistic environmental data management system (EDMS) for Project CLEANS

Since implementing the EDMS, SRC’s Environmental Remediation team has seen a clear and measurable increase in both internal efficiency and productivity. In turn, this has allowed for more knowledgeable and strategic decision-making for the entire team.  

Not only did Anton and his team succeed in creating something that fit SRC’s needs and solved many problems, he also created a data management system completely unique in the market space. This system has the ability to completely change the way environmental practitioners approach data management by being more cost-effective and efficient and allowing for increased productivity and more well-informed decision-making.  

The ECO Impact Awards aim to highlight the work of Environmental Professionals who demonstrate leadership, commitment to the field and dedication to continuous improvement in the environmental sector.  

src eco impact award employee at remediated site