Canada’s Outstanding Employers Named for 2014

November 21, 2014

​​The Learning Partnership announced that SRC, along with 9 other companies from across the country, have been named Canada’s Outstanding Employers for their proactive investment in Canada’s future workforce. 

SRC - For their energetic and interactive approach to showcasing the exciting Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career possibilities for students to explore.  For one day, students were given the opportunity to ‘try on’ various jobs such as playing with diamonds as a geologist, working with liquids as a lab technician and building a wind turbine as an engineer.

Watch Take Our Kids to Work Video to learn about the interactive activities our students participated in or read our blog post from one of our volunteer engineers who helped lead the wind turbine build.

The awards follow The Learning Partnership’s 20th anniversary of Take Our Kids to Work™, which took place on November 5. Employers are being recognized for their exceptional achievements in guiding and inspiring Grade 9 students to think early about life after school and their education and career pathways.

woman with two students working on project