Rostyk Hursky

Rostyk Hursky
Job Title
Manager of Business Intelligence

Rostyk Hursky is the Business Intelligence Manager at SRC where he started in 2010 in a blank canvas of a role. Today, Rostyk leads a team of analysts who monitor, gather and analyze competitive intelligence as it relates to SRC's areas of expertise and potential areas of opportunity. He has built a knowledgeable team, developed a proactive intelligence management function for SRC and has become a respected thought leader in Competitive Intelligence in North America. Rostyk is the 2013 winner of the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Administration of Canada Promising New Professionals Award and is a former board member of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals an association of over 3,000 global professionals in Competitive Intelligence.

Posts by this Author

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June 30, 2015
written by Rostyk Hursky
The business world is hearing buzzwords, such as “Competitive Intelligence,” “Market Intelligence,” “Business Intelligence” and others similar in nature, more often these days. For the most part, these words all tend to refer to the same general practice of a formalized “intelligence function.” But practitioners, and the organizations who have such functions, tend to attach different meanings to these phrases. Why is that? And if a company doesn’t have such a function, is the intelligence piece missing?
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May 20, 2015
written by Rostyk Hursky
Saskatchewan’s Competitive Intelligence community has been rapidly gaining ground in the past year or so, with interest spreading across various organizations. We have the potential in Saskatchewan to create a Collaborative and Integrated network of practitioners who are proactively working together to understand the challenges we face, now and in the future.