Peng (Mars) Luo

Mars Peng
Job Title
R&D Technical Advisor

Peng (Mars) Luo is the R&D Technical Advisor of the Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes Business Unit. His major technical responsibility is to conduct applied research and development on EOR technologies and laboratory engineering design for the petroleum industry’s EOR projects.

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2-d images of potash core sample from src lab
October 27, 2021
Potash solution mining is used for extracting ore from deep underground, but unlike conventional mining, operators don't have direct access to the potash bed to analyze the geology. This is where SRC's industrial computed tomography (CT) scanner comes in. Learn how CT scanning can help mines better understand their deposits.
pump jack with sunset
April 01, 2014
written by Peng (Mars) Luo
There is a lot of oil in the Bakken Formation – estimated to be as much as 16 billion m3 (100 billion barrels) in Saskatchewan alone – but it is both difficult and expensive to access. SRC’s Enhanced...