Lesley McGilp

Lesley McGilp
Job Title
Vice-President, Energy

Lesley McGilp is Vice-President of SRC’s Energy Division. She previously managed SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre for over 10 years and served as a Staff Engineer at Rock Energy and a Senior Engineering Advisor at Northrock Resources. In addition to corporate management and leadership, she has over 10 years of experience in upstream oil and gas, focused on reservoir engineering, reserve management, exploration and development and acquisitions and divestitures.

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Laying pipe for pipeline between Turner Valley and Calgary, southern Alberta.
June 25, 2019
written by Lesley McGilp
Oil pipelines are a transport mechanism to get a vital resource from its origin to its users. In the case of oil, it is helpful to know a bit about its origins too, in Canada and more broadly. Take a trip back in time.
src history of pipelines showing four pipelines against a setting sun
November 21, 2018
written by Lesley McGilp
When people think of pipelines, they often associate them with the oil and gas industry. But pipelines have a broader use beyond this industry, and the technology is not new. In fact, there is a long history of societies using pipelines to provide transportation to fill a variety of important needs. Learn how pipelines developed and their role in modern day living.
Shook-Gillies Test Facility
December 22, 2014
written by Lesley McGilp
When SRC moved its Pipe Flow Technology Centre, it lost the capability to test volatile materials. Industry need, combined with the Centre's expertise, attracted funding to expand the existing facility. The new pipe loop will allow industry to test their volatile materials to generate reliable data for pipeline design.
Pipe Flow Technology Centre
August 06, 2014
written by Lesley McGilp
In mining and oil sands, one of the biggest challenges faced by operators is dealing with slurries – complex mixtures of solids and liquids – which need to be sent via pipeline for processing, treatment and environmentally-safe disposal.