Erin Shawaga

Erin Shawaga head shot at SRC
Job Title
Communications Advisor

Erin is a Communications Advisor at SRC. She has over 12 years of experience in communications, digital and traditional marketing and project management. At SRC, Erin focuses on internal communications along with external aspects, including blog writing and social media. She is also a member of the International Association of Business Communicators. 

Posts by this Author

src vice president looks at pipe flow slurry test with engineer
September 02, 2021
written by Erin Shawaga
A societal shift toward mitigating climate change has led industry to take on how to continue providing energy to support our lifestyles and economies without generating greenhouse gas emissions that come from fossil fuel-sourced energy. Learn how Lesley McGilp and her team are tackling this challenge head-on.
Jeff Zimmer, SRC Environmental Lab Manager
August 24, 2021
written by Erin Shawaga
Jeff Zimmer manages SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories and has been with SRC for 36 years. The lab analyzes a variety of air, water and soil samples from all over the country. Learn more about the lab’s evolution and why Jeff built his decades-long career at SRC. Read on.