Dwayne Pattison

Dwayne Pattison
Job Title
Business Intelligence Analyst

Dwayne Pattison is a Business Intelligence Analyst at SRC and is responsible for monitoring many of the key industries in which SRC operates. Before joining SRC, Dwayne was a policy analyst with Western Economic Diversification and a research associate at the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives in Saskatoon. He is currently a member of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

Posts by this Author

src technician inspects well head at oil site
February 25, 2020
written by Dwayne Pattison
Given both global and national pressure to decarbonize operations, Canadian industries are looking for new technologies and implementing more energy-efficient processes from proven, applicable mitigation options. Learn how SRC's CeDER platform helps companies sift through the available technologies.
src shows multiple pump jacks showing different drilling techniques
January 23, 2019
written by Dwayne Pattison
Evolving technologies and processes have significantly altered how companies drill for oil. Take a look at some game-changing drilling advancements, starting with horizontal wells, that occurred over the past few decades.
lightbulb exploding to symbolize disruptive innovation
October 31, 2018
written by Dwayne Pattison
Disruptive innovation and entrepreneurs are good friends. Entrepreneurs are often the ones that develop new products or services that change an entire industry. Learn what disruptive innovation is and when a technology might be considered disruptive - and when it isn't.
megatrends, systems and tech gears
April 04, 2018
written by Dwayne Pattison
Innovative technologies and advancements are happening every day - how do we keep up? SRC's Business Intelligence team monitors megatrends, systems and technologies. Learn how these three levels interact and influence each other and industry.
chart with strategic words on it
October 29, 2014
written by Dwayne Pattison
Can and should small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do competitive intelligence (CI)? If so, how do SMEs create a CI program without exhausting resources?