Dr. Laurie Schramm

President Emeritus
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President Emeritus

Dr. Laurier Schramm is a former CEO and President of SRC and has over 35 years of R&D experience spanning each of the industry, not-for-profit, university, and government sectors. He has also been a prolific contributor to the scientific and engineering literature with 17 patents, 11 books, and over 350 other publications and proprietary reports. Many of his inventions have been adopted into commercial practice. Laurie is currently focused on helping SRC to become Canada’s leading technological innovation enabler.

Posts by this Author

Group Of Business People Talking And Discussing Canada
July 22, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Canada has an opportunity to become a business innovation leader by supporting and better connecting its existing innovation ecosystem.
colourful sales charts showing world trends and sales performance
June 03, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
SRC has developed an economic and socio-environmental impact audit process that enables an RTO to use solid data to provide a realistic indication of the impacts of its innovation-enabling work.
Map of Canada with squares indicating RTOs
March 27, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Canada’s principal innovation enablers are its Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs). What? Canada has RTOs? You bet. So who are they?
Parliament building with Canada flag with blue sky and clouds in background
February 06, 2014
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs) help industry get innovation done, and they normally get paid by industry, so why do RTOs need government support as well?
Green stick figure holding lightbulb with arrows coming out of it
December 19, 2013
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
When it comes to how to get innovation done, and how to get through the Valley of Death, such discussions usually lead to questions about Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs).
diagram of valley of death
November 27, 2013
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Discussions of how innovation actually gets done inevitably lead to discussions about the “Valley of Death.” So what is the Valley of Death?
Colorful arrows pointing out from the outline of a head
October 17, 2013
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
The path to any particular innovation can start almost anywhere - a new idea, trial and error or a solution to a specific problem or opportunity.
innovation cycle
September 25, 2013
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
This may sound like heresy, but research and technology organizations (RTOs), universities, colleges, and even private-sector research and engineering companies seldom literally “do” innovation.
light bulbs drawn on chalkboard
September 11, 2013
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Of the many ways to grow a business, one of them is to convert ideas and knowledge into new and commercially successful products and services: that’s called innovation. But why should we care about it?
Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.
August 28, 2013
written by Dr. Laurie Schramm
Everyone seems to be talking about innovation these days. It’s on the news, it’s on board meeting agendas, it’s driving 236,000,000 Google search results — so what is innovation anyway?