Dave Chorney

Dave Chorney
Job Title
Senior Technologist

Dave Chorney is a Senior Technologist at SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories and the Facility Administrator for SRC's SLOWPOKE-2 nuclear research reactor. Dave started at SRC in 1980 after graduating from the Chemical Technology Program at the Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences (now Saskatchewan Polytechnic). His fields of expertise include radiochemistry and nuclear reactors, which were honed in the lab. In 1987, he undertook training to become a certified operator of the SLOWPOKE-2 and in the same year, was granted his operating license.

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src's slowpoke-2 reactor
November 26, 2020
written by Dave Chorney
SRC’s SLOWPOKE reactor was commissioned in March 1981. The reactor immediately proved to be a great resource for the uranium industry as it provided a rapid method to analyze the thousands of exploration samples that the industry was then producing. Learn more.
Research Reactor
August 11, 2015
written by Dave Chorney
SRC is home to one of five SLOWPOKE-2 low-power research reactors in the world. SLOWPOKE-2 is used primarily as an analytical tool for commercial analysis and research. Read on to find out what makes this reactor different than other power reactors.