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Brook Thalgott is a seasoned writer and editor on SRC's Communications team. A graduate from the University of Regina and Simon Fraser University, she has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and communications. At SRC, Brook writes and edits blog posts, articles, papers, proposals and presentations, as well as prepares and implements communication plans.

Posts by this Author

Historical photo of potash flotation at SRC
May 09, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
As the potash industry has developed in Saskatchewan and around the world, SRC has provided technological support along the way. Learn how we've helped to address many of the potash industry’s challenges and growth along the way.
Profile photo of SRC's engineer Ryan Jansen
April 26, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
SRC has a long history of working in energy efficiency and renewables, and that work continues today. Meet Ryan Jansen, an Senior Research Engineer at SRC who specializes in Advanced Energy System and leads much of SRC's work in renewables technology, as well as smart and microgrids—all with an eye on helping industry improve efficiencies.
cows drinking water from trough src livestock water testing
April 06, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
Research shows that livestock with access to quality water will consume more, gain weight quicker and are less likely to develop health issues. Learn about some of the most common factors affecting water quality that we’ve seen at SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories.
mike mccubbing, manager of src's diamond lab with TOMRA xrt sorter
March 03, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
Meet Mike McCubbing, manager of SRC's Diamond Laboratory - one of the largest commercial diamond processing labs in the world. Learn more about Mike's career at SRC and how his team has helped grow SRC's diamond capabilities to meet evolving industry needs.
lithium ion battery recycling at src
February 23, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
As electric vehicle technologies advance and the energy transition continues, the demand for critical metals keeps rising. Learn about SRC's direct recycling process of LIB metals that will help industry meet the growing demand for critical metals and divert batteries from landfills.
src saskatoon climate weather station
January 20, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
2021 was another year for the record books in more ways than one—just like 2020. Here’s a look back at 2021 and the weather that came with it in Saskatoon.
dr muhammad imran src rare earth element division vice-president
January 12, 2022
written by Brook Thalgott
A chemical engineer by profession, learn how Dr. Muhammad Imran's career transitioned from oil and gas to mining, and how he and his team are working to build a secure supply chain for rare earths in Canada.
src winter science experiments to try at home
December 08, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Winter, besides being the season of skating, skiing and snowmobiling, is also a fabulous time for science. Here are a few family-friendly science experiments you can do at home to pass the frosty days while having fun and learning at the same time.
src mineral processing expert jack zhang
November 30, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Dr. Jack Zhang and his team of mineral processing and rare earth experts are making waves in industry with their innovative approach to developing processes for ore beneficiation, separation and hydrometallurgy. Learn more about how Zhang built his mineral processing team from the ground up and what's next for rare earths. Read on.
src radon detector sitting on shelf in home basement
November 23, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Learn how one SRC employee tested her home for radon and what she did when her result came back higher than Health Canada's safe home radon level.