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Brook Thalgott is a seasoned writer and editor on SRC's Communications team. A graduate from the University of Regina and Simon Fraser University, she has more than 15 years of experience in marketing and communications. At SRC, Brook writes and edits blog posts, articles, papers, proposals and presentations, as well as prepares and implements communication plans.

Posts by this Author

Petro Nakutnyy, EOR and In-Situ Processes Operations Director
September 07, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Petro Nakutnyy is the Director of Operations for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) and In-Situ Processes in SRC's Energy Division. He’s seen how the oil and gas industry has evolved, especially over the last decade. Learn more about how his team is helping ready the industry for a net-zero future.
tornado on the prairies
August 06, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Summer on the Prairies can be an amazing time for weather watching. The summer months can bring everything: thunderstorms, floods, hail and tornadoes. Whether you’re a dedicated storm chaser or a casual observer, there can be a lot to see. Read on.
research engineer at src's pipe flow technology centre conducts oil sands test
June 15, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Clays and active clays are found naturally in mineral deposits and present challenges for mining and oil sands industry processes and tailings management. Learn more about the work being done by SRC and its research partners to further the development of two active clay analyzers to address the issues that active clays present.
industrial ct scanner at src is used for mineral characterization
May 20, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
X-ray transmission (XRT) sorters are a popular choice for mineral processing plants due to their sorting ability, robustness and applicability across a variety of ores, but how can a mining company know if XRT is right for them? Learn how SRC experts combine technologies to help find the answer.
innovation week in canada and sk
May 18, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
It’s Canadian Innovation Week and Innovation Week in Saskatchewan; a time to celebrate Canadian achievements in innovation that inspire the next generation of innovators. Take a look back at just some of the innovation SRC has been a part of over the decades.
src samples water from northern saskatchewan lake
April 22, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
We’re marking Earth Day in Saskatchewan with a list of great activities and interesting facts. The diverse landscapes across our province create unique ecosystems, filled with colourful flora and fauna—read on to learn how you can help and enjoy the natural wonder of the place we call home.
woman working in src pipe flow
February 10, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
Welcome to part two of our feature on International Day of Women and Girls in Science, highlighting just some of women at SRC working in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).
two src female technologists in mineral processing lab
February 08, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
To celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we want to inspire women and girls to think about science and technology as a viable educational and career opportunity. Read about some of the women within our offices and labs doing remarkable things in STEM that benefit industry, our communities and the world.
weather monitoring equipment at src climate reference station
January 12, 2021
written by Brook Thalgott
2020 was a year for the record books, and one none of us will soon forget. We spent our days starting in March at home, in the yard or awfully close to home. Let’s look back at the weather we experienced in a year we were so glad to see the end of.