Andy Goodson

src employee andy goodson in a canoe on a lake holding a fish
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Communications Specialist

Andy Goodson is a writer and content specialist. He completed his Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Regina. His interests span various subjects in art and science, contributing to a career in writing about Saskatchewan’s natural attractions and points of interest.

Posts by this Author

src uav used to detect methane gas
November 15, 2018
written by Andy Goodson
Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs or drones) are also becoming a tool of interest for upstream oil and gas producers. A methane gas detection UAV is capable of spotting small, isolated gas leaks at ground level from up to 30 meters in the air — a feat that’s not quite as easy as it sounds.
src research engineer stands in front of hybrid solar panel and wind power system
October 11, 2018
written by Andy Goodson
The Cowessess Energy Storage Facility is the first known wind-solar battery storage project in Canada. With the addition of over one thousand solar panels, the facility now produces almost 3,000 MWh of energy per year, enough to supply power to 344 homes. Learn about how this system works and why wind and solar make a good pair.