Al Jackson

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Job Title
Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator

Al Jackson is an Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator on SRC’s Safety team. He has been involved in traffic safety since 1984 as a volunteer instructor with the Saskatoon and District Safety Council. For the past 33 years, he’s provided guidance to help people avoid crashes and collisions, and to improve their survival chances in the ones they couldn’t avoid. He is a Defensive Driving instructor, as well as a 55 Alive instructor, and spent 16 years as an instructor with the Canada Safety Council Motorcycle Training Program.

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traffic on winter night
December 06, 2017
written by Al Jackson
Winter can bring weather extremes from beautiful sunny winter days to blizzards with whiteout conditions. The change from one to the other can happen quickly, so you need to be prepared when heading out on the slippery, snow-covered roads. Read on for important safety tips!