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Our lights are on, our labs, instruments and offices are sanitized and our employees are continuing to safely provide services under new protective measures. Whatever your new reality looks like, we are ready to support and assist your business. 

Rare Earth Processing Facility

SRC and the Government of Saskatchewan announced the development of the SRC Rare Earth Processing Facility - the first-of-its-kind in Canada.


Our experts are presenting a variety of webinars related to mining, energy and the environment over the next couple months. Stay connected with us and with the latest developments in science and tech. 

60 Years at Pipe Flow

 SRC is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of its Pipe Flow Technology Centre™. Learn about its humbling beginnings and how it transformed into an internationally recognized leader in its field.

Accelerated Site Closure Program

Saskatchewan's Accelerated Site Closure Program is designed to help get jobs moving in Saskatchewan’s Oil Field Services Sector. SRC is pleased to help expedite the Program.

Featured Services

SRC's Environmental Analytical Laboratories provides radon analysis for homeowners and businesses anywhere in the world. The testing is inexpensive and easy-to-use.
Our laboratory offers routine testing for heavy metals in cannabis plant material and cannabis oil and is developing, validating and obtaining accreditation for several more test methods that are important to industry.
SRC provides pilot and bench-scale testing for major rare earth element (REE) primary processing and separation technologies, for both heavy and light REEs, in Canada and worldwide. We also offer REE analyses and assays.


SRC offers you a rewarding career in a safe, creative and diverse work environment that enables excellence - both personally and professionally.