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SLOWPOKE-2 is a miniature nuclear research reactor housed at SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories. It is used as an analytical tool for doing neutron activation analysis (NAA) to determine uranium concentrations for various industries.

The SLOWPOKE-2 reactor has been operating safely and without incident at SRC since its commissioning in 1981. If an incident occurs that requires public disclosure (please see our Public Disclosure Protocol), it will be posted on this webpage. The reactor is low-power and is used as an analytical tool primarily for commercial analysis. 

Questions about our research reactor? Take a look at our FAQ.  


  • March 1981: The SLOWPOKE-2 reactor was commissioned.
  • March 25, 1981: The first commercial sample was processed.
  • March 29, 2016: SRC celebrates 35 years of safe operation and no incidents, 232,000 tests performed and over 19,000 hours of operation.
  • August 2016: Two of SRC's senior level research reactor operators had their operator certification renewed by the CNSC for the next five years.

Read this blog post to find out what makes the SLOWPOKE-2 a valuable industry tool. 

SRC conducts its operations with the highest regard for the safety and health of its employees and the public, and for the protection and preservation of property and the environment.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission granted SRC a license to operate the SLOWPOKE-2 research reactor more than 30 years ago.