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High Performance Building Systems​

Solutions for the building industry focused on energy management and utilization.

SRC leads technology development and commercialization for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our focus is on developing technologies that improve energy efficiency and building performance in terms of health, comfort, cost effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

We provide a range of services to optimize building performance, including:

  • Building envelope investigations (including thermal imaging and air tightness testing)
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • Spray polyurethane foam testing
  • Building material testing 
  • Rebate program administration and management on behalf of other organizations 
  • Building design reviews and recommendations 

We can help you develop collaborations, source funding and define project scope, as well as provide project management and the technical services required for project execution.

Working with industries, associations, governments, and communities, we can help advance energy management for buildings in the adoption and commercialization of emerging technologies.

Benefits of working with SRC:

  • Assistance with product development through product design, analysis, testing, evaluation and intellectual property development and management.
  • Assistance accelerating market penetration by providing credible and trusted third-party testing and validation of emerging technologies.
  • Assistance to early-adopters through due diligence evaluation and new technologies testing.

Evaluating a building’s performance can be done at any stage, from design to construction to operation. Contact us today to discuss your building project.