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Independent Processing, Testing & Analysis

Home to several state-of-the-art laboratories, SRC offers reliable, professional commercial laboratory services. We also have dedicated labs that focus on contract RD&D.

With laboratories in Saskatoon and Regina, SRC is your source for a variety of full-service solutions offered to multiple industries such as agriculture and biotechnology, environment, energy and mining. By investing in new technologies and world-class researchers, we are continuing to expand our capabilities, moving SRC to the forefront of RD&D. We are committed to the quality and security of our services and results.

SRC has built long-standing relationships with clients across Canada and the world –ensuring their confidence and trust is important to us. And we’d like the opportunity to work with you too. Take a look through our laboratories below to learn more about the services they provide.

Advanced Microanalysis Centre™

Backed by a powerful lineup of advanced analytical equipment and a robust array of services, SRC’s Advanced Microanalysis Centre™ has become a reliable source for resource industries’ growing analytical needs.

Bioprocessing Laboratory

Commercializing and transferring bioprocessing technologies to meet clients’ needs, SRC’s Bioprocessing Laboratory focuses on the thermal-chemical conversion of biomass to make bioproduction cleaner and more efficient. The laboratory features a mobile pyrolysis unit and a catalyst development and testing facility.

Biotechnology Laboratories

SRC Biotechnology Laboratories is an applied research, biomanufacturing and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited DNA testing laboratory. With world-class expertise and facilities, we deliver a broad portfolio of genomic, microbiology and biomanufacturing services.

Environmental Analytical Laboratories

As one of Canada’s most complete analytical chemistry laboratories, SRC Environmental Analytical Laboratories offers environmental test services and expertise in organics, inorganics and radiochemistry using state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods to provide a comprehensive range of analytical services.

Geoanalytical Laboratories

Since 1972, SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories has been providing reliable analysis and processing services to the exploration and mining industry. A diverse range of analytical mineral exploration packages are available for diamonds, gold, base metals, potash and uranium.

Mineral Processing Lab and Pilot Plant

From exploration to tailings management, we assist industry by fabricating mineral processing and process improvements, as well as developing solutions to minimize the environmental impacts of mine and mill operations in our Mineral Processing Lab and Pilot Plant

Petroleum Analytical Laboratories

SRC’s Petroleum Analytical Laboratories, located in Regina, Sask., is a full-service laboratory offering a variety of petroleum testing services. It is comprised of three laboratories: Biofuels Test Centre, Petroleum Analysis Laboratory and Transformer Oil Analysis Laboratory.

Pipe Flow Technology Centre™

Acknowledged as an international leader in its field, SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology Centre™ offers an unparalleled degree of experience in assisting the heavy oil, oil sands and mineral industries with practical pipeline applications in multi-phase flow, process testing and demonstration and pipeline design and development.

SVX Laboratory

Solvent-based enhanced oil recovery processes are investigated at SRC using one of the largest 3-D physical models known to exist. Services include physical and numerical modelling, as well as petrophysical and fluid property determination.

TSVX Laboratory

Hybrid thermal-solvent based enhanced oil recovery processes are studied using SRC’s 3-D physical model, which can withstand higher temperatures and pressures than the SVX model. Services include physical and numerical modelling, as well as petrophysical and fluid property determination.