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Serving Sustainably

We believe operating an organization sustainably is critical to delivering services and solutions that strengthen our local and global communities. In our 70th year, our focus continues to be on providing clients and stakeholders with practical services and solutions that produce positive economic, social and environmental impacts.

From our growing list of sustainable services to cheering on our employees in community activities, we are committed to conducting business in a responsible manner, and to helping other companies, organizations and communities do the same.

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How does SRC help grow a sustainable economy?

• We helped create or maintain over $329 million worth of jobs.

• We achieved more than $484 million in direct economic benefit to Saskatchewan.

Where does SRC invest to minimize its environmental footprint?

• Our work for clients contributed to the reduction of more than 21 kt per year of greenhouse gas emissions and saved over 40 million kWh/year of energy.

• We undertook nearly $22 million in projects aimed at creating positive environmental and social impacts.

In what ways does SRC create positive change in our community?

• As part of our Employee Volunteer Program, more than 75 employees volunteered for a total of 384.5 hours.